Scraper Course


This unit of competency provides you with the nationally recognised skills you need to civil construction scraper operations.

Our Scraper training unit involves:

  • Conducting pre-start checks prior to commencing operations and shutdown procedures on completion of operations.
  • Carrying out vehicle refuelling requirements and procedures.
  • Driving and operating the equipment to site conditions.
  • Applying safe work practices and identifying and reporting all potential hazards, risks and environmental issues.
  • Applying problem solving and troubleshooting techniques.
  • Applying levelling techniques.
  • Selecting and using the required tools and equipment.
  • Working safely around other machines and personnel.
  • Safely parking and securing of equipment.
  • Applying methods of changing machine attachments.
  • Stripping of materials to specified depth.
  • The cutting and filling of materials to line and level.
  • Stockpiling, spreading and site clean-up.
  • Coupling, operating in tandem and disengagement of equipment in coordination with other operator.

Duration of Course

The course duration can take up to  5 days but it can be dependant on previous experience and overall class knowledge. Onsite Assessment is also available

Availability and Pricing

For Pricing and availability call Guy for more information 0422 293 454

Verification of Competencies

We can also do VOC courses for all Scraper Training.

Scraper Courses and Training


You won’t find a training experience like those offered by Civil Skill Assessment Service anywhere else. Each of our trainers have over 30 years hands on experience in the field