Dogman and Rigging Courses

Dogman Course Outline:

  • Calculations
  • Safe Slinging
  • Fibre Ropes
  • Flexible wire rope
  • Turning loads
  • Chains and fittings
  • Safety Equipment
  • Hazard management

Rigging Course Outline:

  • Movement of plant and Equipment
  • Steel erection
  • Placement of pre cast concrete (not tilt slab)
  • Erection, reaving and dismantling of:
  • Hoisting Equipment, winches, blocks and tackles
  • Static linesand safety nets
  • Mast climbers
  • Perimeter safety screens and shutters – Cantilever crane L.P
  • Rigging for gin poles and shear legs
  • Erection, operation and dismantling guyed structure
  • Suspended and / or fabricated hang scaffolds
  • Erection and dismantling of flying foxes and cableways
  • Hazard management


  • Trained by Industry professionals with over 30 years experience
  • Knowledge on relevant legislation and Australian Standards
  • Advice on risk control methods for the type of work at height to be undertaken
  • Practical hands-on Experience.

National unit of competency:

  • CPCCLDG3001A – Licence to Perform Dogging
  • CPCCLRG3001A – Licence to Perform Rigging Basic Level
  • CPCCLRG3002A – Licence to Perform Rigging Basic Level
  • CPCCLRG4001A – Licence to Perform Rigging Basic Level

Pre Requisites

  • Rigging Basic – Requires Dogging Completion
  • Rigging Intermediate – Requires Rigging Basic Completion
  • Rigging Advanced – Requires Rigging Intermediate Completion

Price and Availability